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      Welcome to my personal Web site, dedicadet to Ham Radio

My name is Milos, and i am born in July 22, 1984. I started with Ham Radio in March, 1997, and in July same year, i passed the licensing exam in my radio club, YU1KQR, who is stil organize exams. I was very active from radio club, and for about 3 years of active work, i made about 10.000 QSO's, 305 DXCC's, confirmed about 220 DXCC. My QTH is Arandjelovac, 77 km south from Belgrade, in central Serbia.

 In September, i get my own call YU2MMA, and every day my DXCC list is groving with new countries. My first transceiver was Kenwood TS-450s, and this was realy great RIG with great performance. RX was great, SSB modulation was great, all filter's was great, and after 6 months, simpy broken. I could not find spare parts for RIG, and i sold it as broken. There was this delay of six months with Ham Radio,  until I save money for another RIG. From time to time, i was borrowed from YU2ZIX his IC-706MKIIG, to make some QSO's. In September 2009, finally buying  a new RIG, 450 AGAIN!!, but  this time from YAESU. Realy great RIG with loth of functions, and i love him very much.  I am active every day and realy enoj in every QSO.


 Thanks to Zeljko, DL1ZM, i started to be very active from my car, because Zeljko gave me a mobile antenna from 80m to 2m.

 I am a very big fan of 50 MHz band, and can't wait spring and summer to work DX on magic band. In 2010, i was worked about 75 DXCC, with three antenna, Delta Loop, Moxon, and finaly now have 6el Yagi from YU7EF desing.

 I'm not a fan of digital modes, somehow I do not like the involvement of computers in Ham Radio, except when used for the logbook or contests.  CW and SSB is my favorite mode, and most time, spending on CW because i love fast CW QSO's and pile up's. I don't like high power, and love to spent hours calling in pile up's.

                   Portable Working  


When i have a free time, I use it for portable operation. I am going to the field with the HF Home Made Vertical Antenna, and 50 MHz Antenna and enoj working QSO's with whole world. Mostly going on the hills, about 400m ASL, because i have there great conditions for working, especially for RX, because i am a too far from city noice.


 This is for now, i will be updating the site, while time is passing, with new Ham Radio adventures.


My Contact:

E-Mail: yu2mma@gmail.com

 You can write to me, if you want to made QSO with me, or if you have some question.

Thanks for stoping by and see you on AIR.


73 de YU6MM

ex YU2MMA 






Free Style with Nikon D60 by YU2ZIX


                                                DX Cluster


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